Many car owners are not conversant with their vehicles and much less ‘car language’. In fact most car owners’ especially female drivers mostly rely on auto mechanics, their friends, or other family members even for the simplest car maintenance fixes. learning how your car works , the different signs that could indicate that your car has a problem that needs to be fixed and the basic or simple car maintenance services can help you avoid expensive trips to an auto mechanic when all you need is a simple fix.

However, it will also help you identify when your car has a serious issue that needs to be fixed by a qualified auto mechanic. Below is a simple guide that you can use to diagnose most car issues and know whether or not to pull over and call a roadside mechanic or take it to your regular auto mechanic.

Invest in an Onboard Diagnostic Reader (ODR)
With An ODR and basic car knowledge, you can be able to quickly determine what that rattle, shake, or moan means. You can buy an Onboard Diagnostic Reader online or from auto repair shops starting from a little over $50. Whenever your car is experiencing that tell-tale sign that something could be wrong, simply plug the ODR into the port located beneath your car’s dashboard and it will identify the problem for you.

Although quality models may be more expensive, they are usually better than the cheaper models because they will spell out the problem instead of giving you a code to translate.

Tail Pipe Smoke
You can tell a lot from the color of the smoke coming out of your tail pipe. For example, black smoke usually means that your fuel calibration is off, blue smoke indicates that your car is burning excess oil while white smoke means coolant is leaking. If the smoke is coming from the hood of the car, this could mean that one or more of your cars radiator hoses is cracked. If you have had your car serviced recently, check the engine oil cap to see whether it is loose or off; perhaps your mechanic forgot to put back on properly.

Different Noises
A clicking wheel could indicate a loose wheel, a clicking engine may indicate a damaged valve, and a sound of metal scraping against each other could mean a loose or bad fan while a hissing sound could mean that you are leaking fluid.

Learn what signs Mean Serious Issues and What Signs Indicate Quick Fixes
Some signs might just mean that you need to refill your auto fluid tanks while others could mean you need to pull over, witch of your car and call a roadside mechanic. For example, an engine that groans when you steer could mean low power steering fluid while a brake that sinks all the way down could mean you need to do a brake fluid refill. However, if you have a cluttering engine that gets worse as you go on, the best thing to do would be to stop the car, turn it off, and contact a roadside mechanic.

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