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Questions To Ask A Local SEO Expert

Ranking for local searches is something that all businesses should look into.  This is due to search engines focusing more on local search results as they offer the users related results that are close to them.  Many businesses look at hiring a local SEO expert to complete their optimization, but you need to ensure that you are hiring the right expert.  To do this you should ask the expert some questions before you hire then to ensure that they know what to do for ranking locally.

What Are You Going To Do To Improve Rankings?

The most important question that you need to ask is what the expert will be doing to increase your rankings.  While it is unlikely that the expert will go into full details of their strategy before you hire them, they should be able to give you an overview of what they will do.  You should avoid any experts that talk about secret techniques because this could be a black hat technique and you should avoid this.  

The expert should state that they are going to get citations for your business through local directories and connections with other local businesses.  They should also talk about optimizing your NAP information because this is one of the primary aspects of local SEO. An example of a strong NAP profile is Houston SEO Expert , Mars Hill SEO,  Optimizing review creation should also be offered, but this is not something that all experts will offer you. 

Will You Have Access To All Accounts?

When completing local SEO the expert will need to open accounts with certain online directories and sites like Google My Business.  It is important that you find out if you will have access to all of these accounts.  It is critical that you have admin access to all of the accounts because they are going to be affecting your business.  There are many businesses that change local SEO experts and are unable to access the accounts that their previous expert created.  

How Do You Measure Effectiveness?

To ensure that SEO strategies are working the expert will need to measure the results.  It is important that you know how these results are going to be measured.  If the expert is evasive when answering this question then you should look elsewhere because they may not be measuring the strategies. 

You should also ensure that the measurements are detailed and not a vague increase in traffic.  The expert should be looking at specific increases in traffic as well as the quality of the traffic and inbound opt-ins for email lists.  

Will You Be Getting Regular Reports?

While it is important to know that the SEO expert is tracking the effectiveness of the strategy they use, you will also need to see what is happening.  You should ask how the expert will communicate the effectiveness to you and how regularly you will be getting these reports.  It is important to note that SEO is a long process and it could take weeks or months before you see any major results.


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