With increased costs of fuel, every dollar counts. Despite this fact, many car owners lose hundreds of dollars each year at the pump because overlooking regular car maintenance. While you may think that skipping one or two car maintenance services saves you a little money, you may actually be using more money on fuel and losing more money instead. Below are some of the ways you can increase your fuel economy and at the same time keep your car in top notch condition.

Air Filter
Your vehicles air filter is very important as it is designed to filter out any dust, dirt, or debris and ensure that only clean oil gets into the car’s engine. A dirty air filter undermines the performance of your car’s engine causing your car to consume more fuel than normal. How so? When your air filter is clogged with dirt, it cannot be able to allow sufficient clean air into the engine. By replacing a dirty air filter, you may be able to increase your fuel economy and use less fuel by up to 10% which means you get to save hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of fuel each year.

Engine Oil
Regular car maintenance involves changing your engine oil as recommended. Engine oil is very important as it lubricates the internal part of your car’s engine, reducing friction and protecting them from damage. It is important to change the engine oil as per the manufacturers recommendations usually contained in your cars owner’s manual. If you postpone the engine oil change, you risk damaging your car’s engine which can cost you at least $500 to replace.

Oil Filter
When your car oil filters becomes clogged with dirt, the oil does not stop flowing into the engine. Infect, a bypass opens up on the side that ensures that the oil still flows into the engine. However, this oil that gets into the engine is not good as it is unfiltered and contains a lot of impurities which ultimately damage the engine, resulting into huge repair costs.

It is also very important to use quality motor oil, engine oil, and oil filters and to change these filters at least once or twice in a year. Although quality products cost significantly inferior products, they are more effective, smooth on your car and will also last longer. This will save you a lot on fuel as well as repair costs. If you do this, you will also get to keep your car in good condition and without any major issues for longer.

Ensure that your car’s engine is properly tuned and that all the scheduled servicing is always up to date .while there are some simple car maintenance tasks that you can perform on your own, it may be wise to have a qualified and reliable mechanic do the servicing from time to time to ensure that everything is working fine and to diagnose any problems that you may otherwise be oblivious to.

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