One of the major essentials of car servicing and maintenance is finding a good auto mechanic that can help fix any major problems in your car or even perform regular routine maintenance on it from time to time. While you can perform simple car maintenance tasks on your own, at times, you may need to take it to a professional especially when you have persistent problems.

If you are looking for an auto mechanic, it is important to note that not all mechanics are the same. While there are qualified, licensed, and certified mechanics, a lot of people also pose as genuine mechanics but are actually not licensed or certified to operate as registered auto mechanics. The following guideline will save you a lot of time and energy and help you locate one within a short time and also get to avoid falling prey to unscrupulous auto mechanics.

Ask for Recommendations
You can start by asking for recommendations from friends, members of your family or colleagues. This is a tried and tested way to find any reliable professional. Chances are someone knows or knows someone else who knows a good and reliable auto mechanic. If the particular mechanic is not a viable option for whatever reason, there are other options.

Check your local phone directory for listed auto mechanics and give them a call to compare quotes. But perhaps the simplest (and better) way to search for any local experts is to check online. A simple Google Search on ‘local mechanics’ will give you a list of auto mechanics listed as such in your locality.

Check Online Reviews
If you are looking online, make sure to check all the online reviews of the auto mechanics you are considering. This should give you an idea of an auto mechanics reputation. Any major complaints from past customers should be a red flag. You can also check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) .After this, pick two or three auto mechanics you consider working with.

Compare Estimates
The cost of services may vary from one auto mechanic to another but there shouldn’t be a lot of difference. However, how much an auto mechanic should not be the only consideration. Many incompetent and unregistered auto mechanics may charge the lowest prices to attract customers. Do not pick an auto mechanic simply based on the price they charge, in fact, avoid any who gives you an unreasonably low estimate.

If you can, visit the auto repair mechanics and while at it, you can try to verify their licensing, certification and insurance. If they cannot show you proof of ASE certification or any other proof upon request, you should continue your search. While at it, compare the listed price quotes with the ones you received over the phone; they should be the same.

If you have any doubts that the work an auto mechanic recommends on your vehicle needs a second opinion, it is important to consult or check with other auto mechanics before agreeing to have your car serviced or repaired.

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