If you have recently purchased a diamond, or if you are looking at a diamond that you would like to purchase and you want to know if it is real, there are several things that you can do. Many people trust that the store that they are purchasing it from is actually providing them with a genuine item. Unfortunately, they end up getting something that is either flawed or may not even be a diamond at all. Here are the tips that you need to do if you would like to catch a fake diamond before you ever make the purchase.

Look At The Diamond Through A Loupe

A loupe is simply a fancy name for a magnifying glass, one that you could actually purchase at a jewellery store. It is going to allow you to get close enough to the diamond that you have purchased to see if it is actually real. There are several things that you will notice initially. The first will be imperfections in the carbon itself. If it is absolutely perfect, this is a clear indication that it is more than likely fake. It should be noted that some of the diamonds that you can purchase can be grown in a laboratory, so you need to be careful before simply throwing it away. Perfection indicates that there is a high probability that it may not be real, and a jeweller will be able to verify this for you apart from the one that you may have purchased it from.

Edges Etchings And Mounting

A couple of other things that you are going to notice include the mounting and etchings. The diamond ring that you are looking at should be set in platinum or gold. If you have notice scratches in the diamond, this is obviously not a diamond because it is the hardest substance known on earth and it certainly could not be damaged by the metal casing around it. One final thing to consider is that you may notice more flaws than are visible from the naked eye. Although cheaper diamonds do have flaws, if there are an abundance of them, it could be fake or a diamond of a very low quality. There are a couple of other ways to test a diamond which are physical tests which we will now present.


Sandpaper And Breath

Finally, if you can take a piece of sandpaper and scratch it, it’s definitely not a diamond. Another test is by simply breathing on the diamond to see what happens. If you breathe hot air, and the diamond fogs up, it’s definitely not real. A real diamond is not able to retain heat, and as a result of that, it is not going to fog up at all.

You can use these simple strategies to determine whether or not a diamond is real without having to try too hard. It will probably take you about five minutes to do all of this testing, and if any of them fail, you definitely want to consider taking it back to where you made the purchase. Additionally, you may have found diamonds that you have inherited in a jewellery box. This is a great way to make sure that they are real or just costume jewellery. When all else fails, simply take it to a jeweller that you can find in your city that has a great reputation online that can help you make this determination.

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