Regular and proper car maintenance is very important as it helps keep your car in great shape at all times and saves you a lot of money worth of expensive repairs. In fact lack of proper servicing and maintenance wears out cars parts and damages them and causes premature wear and tear. Maintaining your car regularly will also reduce those situations where you are faced with car trouble far from an auto repair shop or when in a hurry.

There are simple car maintenance tasks that anyone who speaks ‘mechanic’ can do but sometimes, you may need to take your car to be maintained by a certified car mechanic. Whether you consider regular car maintenance to be a DIY project or are taking it to a professional, below are some of basics that need to be covered during the process.


Without an engine, your car is no good. Making sure that your car’s engine is checked and serviced on a regular basis keeps it working as it should. However, failing to take proper care of the engine will have malfunctioning sooner than you would expect and ultimately, you may have to spend a lot of money or repairs and even replacement cost. While at it, make sure that you check the cars transmission to avoid finding yourself stuck in tan highway or in the middle of nowhere.

To take care of the engine, make sure that you change the oil as well as the oil filter according to the manufactures recommendations. After changing draining old oil, replace the oil filter and make sure that it lines up with the hole. Pour in new oil up to the required level and check it using the dipstick. Switch on the engine of the car and let it run for a few minutes then check the engine oil level again.


If your brakes are not working well, you need to contact a professional mechanic to help you bring them up to speed rather than doing it yourself. Maintaining your cars brakes is more of a safety issue and therefore, you cannot afford to make mistakes. You should never drive your car if the brakes are not working properly. Make sure that you have enough brake fluid as insufficient brake fluid in your car can cause soft pedals situation, where the brakes sink all the way down when stepped on.


Make sure that your cars air filters cleaned or replaced at least twice a year. Having a clogged air filter is like having a bad lung. Because the air filter is designed to filter any air before it enters into your cars engine, it is very important to ensure that they are clean. If they are clogged with dirt or debris, the air filter will not be able to let in sufficient clean air (which is necessary for combustion) into the engine. This means that the engine will burn more oil to compensate on the insufficient air.

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