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About Us

Lake Havasu City, AZ’s Trusted Mobile Mechanic Service

Calling a Lake Havasu City mobile auto mechanicWe started our Lake Havasu Mobile Mechanic business for one reason: To serve our customers in the best way possible.

Our story started a few years back, when we were working in a “regular” mechanic’s shop. As skilled mechanics with decades of experience fixing cars and light trucks, we would hear many stories from our customers – many of them negative. They came to us with a serious problem with their vehicles, which was going to cost them a whole lot to make right.

The thing was, if the vehicles would have had some basic intervention when the problem first popped up, it wouldn’t have turned into such a costly venture! Our customers would tell us how they had to wait a week or more to get into their mechanic’s shop… or that they’d had to do a quick repair of something on their own, simply to get their car off the highway or out of the hot sun.

Then the light went on. Our customers were experiencing serious hassles, simply because they didn’t have someone to help them right when the problem was occurring!

With that in mind, we set out to create a business that would serve the many drivers who need help – and don’t have time to wait for their regular mechanic to have an opening. What’s more, a lot of mechanics take the weekends off… which means even more waiting.

But not with us!

When you’re having an urgent problem with your car or truck, be sure to give Lake Havasu Mobile Mechanic a call.